Glass Boxes Of Utah
Glass Boxes Of Utah
Glass Boxes Of Utah
Glass Boxes / Display Cases Of Utah Photo Gallery:

Glass Boxes / Display Cases that I have made are displayed in the tabs above.

The 2nd Glass Box/Display Case for the "1966 Batmobile Collection" is finished now.

This new one, Mirrored in the back, is now up on the 6 Batmobile tab above. It will contain All 5 known 1-18th scale 1966 Batmobiles and a 1-12th scale 1966 Batcycle and sidecar.

It will not contain the "1966 Flocked version" anytime soon. 400.00 to 800.00 for a "fuzzy Batmobile" is to much in my opinon.

New upcoming project ! ! !

Glass Box/Display Case for "The Super Heroes Collection"

1-6th scale DC Direct "Batman" Figures

1-6th scale Real Action Heroes "Batman" Figures

Super Heroes Barbies

Hasbro Indiana Jones figures

This glass box measures: 23 7/8ths inches wide x 20 3/4 inches deep x 16 3/4 inches tall

Glass Boxes Of Utah:

Making Glass Boxes is a hobby - sideline business for me.

I started out in this because My wife bought me a 40 inch long RMS Titanic model ship, for Christmas one year, and it sat in a huge clear plastic bag for a year.

I thought that this was nuts to have such a nice wooden ship model displayed this way.

I researched online for ship model cases and well, even though these are nice cases that these companies make specifically for huge ship models, I felt they lacked something. Even though they offered wood frames and finished and unfinished wood, they still took away from the ship model itself.

Thats the point right?

To display your item FIRST and not "display" the display case?

Well I decided that in order to have a display case that didn't take away from the item displayed, it had to be all clear.

Welcome to my world!!!

Meet a hobbyist who makes glass boxes with the look of clear glass, without the distractions of huge frames, bad glue and bad glue joints. 

With this special adhesive I use, even glass bowls and stemware can be repaired. PROVIDING you have the smallest pieces and chips to replace it the broken joints(s). Most of the time this joint repair will be unseen by others when done correctly.

I have repaired 100 year old bowls and stemware. This stuff is great!!!!

Costs of a Glass Box - Case

If you are looking for some glass boxes for your figurines and collectibles, I offer my services for assembly only.

My services are based on SIZE and TIME. Average time is about 6 to 10 hours.

Rate is 12.00 per hour
  (this is NOT written in stone but is the average)

This hourly rate includes all materials EXCEPT YOUR GLASS PIECES.

I do NOT sell or cut the glass but, I do recommend Art Glass Studio in South Salt Lake City, Utah to buy your glass and cut the glass because ACCURACY COUNTS.

I have worked with Juergen and Bob at Art Glass Studio in South Salt Lake City, Utah several times and they know what it requires for making glass boxes and prep its glue joints.

You can email them here:


I will need the exact height, width, length of whatever you want to place in a 5 sided glass box.

 I will add 1 inch to these measurements OVERALL to be sure your collectable is centered and not touching the glass box to avoid unnecessary vibrations and scratching.

Please also provide any shelf location you plan on placing this glass box and what ever is inside it. This will give me the OUTSIDE limits of size on the 5 sided glass box and its base.

Base: This will another 1 inch larger overall than the 5 sided box. Silicone seal on the base will provide a dust free and glass to glass "gasket" from chipping.


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